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Employment & Training

The Aboriginal population is the fastest growing population in Canada, growing at twice the rate of the Canadian population with 41% under the age of 25. Aboriginal people are also the most unemployed and under-represented demographic in Canada. Looming projected labour shortages as predicted by the Petroleum Human Resource Council of Canada (PHRC) presents significant opportunities for the skills and capacity development of First Nations people.

Through a spirit of collaboration and mutual benefit, the Saskatchewan First Nations Natural Resource Centre of Excellence (Centre of Excellence) seeks to work proactively with existing public and private institutions to develop training programs that will work to assist in the mobilization of First Nations people in Saskatchewan. Our intention is not to duplicate existing programs in the province but to complement their existing capacities and address identified gaps to broaden the service capabilities and assist in the effective delivery at a community level.

Utilizing the EXPORT system, the Centre of Excellence provides the following Employment & Training services: